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Restrictions to the use of mobile phone and other personal electronic devices starting Term 4

Mobile Phone Ban

Dear parents and caregivers and members of the Figtree HS school community,

NSW public secondary school students will be banned from using mobile phones at school from Term 4 2023, as the NSW Government delivers on an election commitment to improve students’ learning and social development.

I wish to sincerely thank the Figtree HS Parents and Citizen’s Association (P&C), Student Representative Council (SRC) team, staff, and Executive teams, for their deliberation, discussion and feedback around these key changes which are coming into effect from Day 1 next term.

Following extensive consultation, Figtree HS will be implementing the approach of:

This means that while students will still be permitted to carry their mobile phones and personal electronic devices when travelling to and from school, these devices must be kept off and away, out of sight once students enter the school grounds. This will be enforced during all school hours, including break times, at lunchtimes, as well as during school-based excursions and sport.

For more information about the changes, please see the document titled "Students' use of Mobile Phones in Schools Procedures" found on the FHS Policies page of our School Website.

This adjustment will be significant for our school community, and will entail several practical considerations, including that:


  • use digital bank cards for purchases at the school canteen. Students will need to have a physical debit card or cash to make purchases or they can order via Spriggy prior to coming to school.
  • check their timetables on their mobile phones. Students can access Sentral via their laptops or carry a hard copy of their timetable in their books, folders or school bags. 
  • receive messages from their employer throughout the school day. It is important for students to communicate this with their employer before the start of Term 4, 2023. 
  • receive messages from their parents or caregivers throughout the school day. If your child needs to be contacted, this can be done through the Front Office.  

As Principal, I really appreciate the time everyone has taken to help piece together our procedures to make this big switch workable, as well as your ongoing support to ensure these changes are embraced and adhered to by our students. Understandably, parents and caregivers across the state are concerned about the impact that devices like mobile phones are having on their kids’ learning and mental health. I truly believe that these changes will increase learning and attention in class, help address cyberbullying issues and improve student learning and social outcomes.

Warm regards,


Dan Ovens