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Autism Support

The Support Faculty provides important learning, social and behavioural skills education to support students who require extra assistance, enabling them to engage successfully at school.

As part of the Figtree High School Support Faculty we have a newly established Autism class. This class is supported by the following staff along with the entire school community

  • Mrs L. Monro               Teacher - Autism
  • Mrs L. Hall                   School Learning Support Officer

The Autism class incorporates students with a diverse range of abilities. There is a maximum of seven students in our Autism Class. Each student has an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), which is continuously reviewed and developed. This incorporates the specific learning needs of each individual student and necessary adjustments needed for school success, as well as specific goals. Students may complete either the mainstream or Life Skills curriculum, dependent on abilities and needs. Throughout the years of education at FHS, appropriate post-school options are investigated, including higher education and employment in the community.

Figtree High School is committed to ensuring equity in education. There is a focus on enabling students to integrate into mainstream classes, with support from the staff in the Autism class. This helps students to interact with their peers and develop social skills. For some subjects, students are taught in a smaller, specialist setting. All lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of individual students. Students maintain a home room, which encompasses a range of specialist equipment, as well as providing a quiet, familiar and safe place for students.

There is an emphasis on the use of technology to enhance engagement and assist students who require adjustments. Visual supports are utilised in a variety of ways, to inform and assist students as they navigate the high school setting. Social skills are developed through explicit teaching, modelling and practicing in mainstream classes and lunch time social groups.