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ThinkUKnow - Cyper Safety

Learn about the internet: understanding how young people use the internet and what they enjoy doing will help you to recognise any suspicious or inappropriate behaviour. It will also help you to talk with your child about their online activities if they think you understand the online environment.

Below are some factsheets in PDF format covering frequently asked questions for some popular apps.

Parent Factsheets

FAQ Reputation Management (pdf 283 KB)



FAQ Snapchat - parents (pdf 201 KB)



FAQ KIK - parents (pdf 214 KB)




FAQ Instagram - parents (pdf 240 KB)



FAQ ASK - parents (pdf 166 KB)


Family internet contract 1 (pdf 317 KB)

Family internet contract 2 (pdf 310 KB)


Parent Booklet

Social Media Reputation Management (pdf 2179 KB)


Student Factsheets


FAQ Snapchat - students (pdf 201 KB)


FAQ KIK - students (pdf 202 KB)



FAQ ASK - students (pdf 202 KB)


FAQ Cyperbullying - students (pdf 288 KB)

FAQ Cypersafety - students (pdf 288 KB)


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