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Career Education is aimed at assisting the Vocational Development of secondary school students through the use of activities within the total curriculum that specifically aid such development. Its purpose is to enable students to:

  • gain an awareness of their abilities, interests and values and the ways in which these are related to their career planning.
  • acquire a knowledge of the world of work, further education and training.
  • be better prepared to make career decisions based on self knowledge and the range of options open to them.
  • acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to implement their decisions.

Figtree High School provides students and their families with a comprehensive support and resource careers centre. Students are provided with the very latest information about courses, training options, employment, labour market trends, group training companies, university and TAFE entrance, scholarships, alternative entry pathways, private training providers, group training companies, student fees, how to apply for a job, how best to document employment related skills, apprenticeships, traineeships,  interview preparation and more.

At Figtree High School, the role of Careers Adviser, is primarily one of a Counsellor, being available to talk to students individually, or in small groups, about their career decisions. However, in later years, contact with students is formalised, into a series of school programs, including "School to Work", Work Experience and T.A.F.E./VET.

The Careers Office is located on the ground level of B Block, next to the Senior Study. Please visit the Careers Office at recess or lunch time to seek advice and make an appointment for an appropriate time. I would also encourage all students to visit the Figtree High Careers website on


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