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Enrichment Class

About the class:

Figtree High School values excellence for all students. As such, we have created the Enrichment Class – this program will develop an ongoing enrichment stream of students at Figtree High School. This is one way we are broadening our curriculum to better support high potential and gifted students to develop knowledge, application, thinking skills and attitudes to a degree of complexity appropriate to the student's developmental level.

At the forefront of the Enrichment Class, future-focused learning is a student-centric approach where fun, interest and interactivity are valued whilst supporting syllabus outcomes. Through a rich program of study, students are supported, challenged, enriched and extended to achieve to their utmost potential.  Teachers differentiate programs to meet the learning needs of students across the four domains (intellectual, physical, social-emotional and creative). Units of teaching and learning encourage higher order thinking so that our students develop a deep knowledge and understanding in their learning. Student success and evidence of learning is celebrated with parents/carers and our community.

How to apply:

- Application forms for the Year 7 2025 Enrichment Class are now available for download by clicking here. Applications close 16 September 2024


Enrichment Class Frequently Asked Questions

How are students selected for the Enrichment Class?

Figtree High School teachers will be administering a general ability assessment to all 2025 Year 7 students in collaboration with our local primary schools that relates to student engagement and progress at school. The placement of students into this class will be determined on the information that is collected on their general learning ability and their submitted application. The student application must be submitted with their most current school reports and a supporting written response from the student.

Who will be deciding class placements?

A school panel will meet in 2024 to consider student applications and determine student placements into the class. Panel members are:

- Deputy Principal (Year 7)

- Year Advisor (Year 7)

- Deputy Principal - Instructional Leader

Is the Enrichment Class program only for Year 7 students?

Students who are offered a placement will be expected to continue in the program until the end of Year 8. In Years 9 and 10 our core classes in Mathematics, English and Science are streamed according to their ability for each course. In addition, all Year 9 and 10 students complete History, Geography and Physical Education. Our Stage 5 students can also select three elective courses across a range of Key learning Areas to finalise their pattern of study.

What if my child is not offered a placement in the Enrichment Class?

We encourage all students to participate and engage in their areas of interest, where they can be nurtured and supported to achieve their personal best. Figtree HS offers a range of extracurricular and leadership opportunities, as well a broad and excellent curriculum structure for all students to engage in seven key learning areas:

- English

- Mathematics

- Science

- Human Society and its Environment (HSIE)

- Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

- Technological and Applied Studies (TAS)

- Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Languages (CAPAL)

What Enrichment teaching and learning experiences will students participate in?

Each faculty will coordinate at least one enrichment experience with the class activity per year. Enrichment experiences could include:

- Academic enrichment camps

- Write a Book in a Day

- Student/parent after school course showcases

- University visits

- Project based learning opportunities

- Public speaking competitions

- Tournament of the Minds

- Creative Arts and Performing Arts ensembles

- Representative sport

- Student leadership opportunities

- Reading, writing and numeracy competitions.

Will students be monitored in the Enrichment Class?

Students who are members of our 2025 Enrichment Class will be monitored regularly throughout the school year to ensure they continue to meet Figtree HS expectations for placement in this class.

Will there be opportunities for a student who is unsuccessful through the application process to later gain a placement in the Enrichment Class?

Priority will be given to students who are placed on the reserve list to join the class if a vacancy arises. All Year 7 students can demonstrate their learning ability in 2025 and will be considered for a placement in the Enrichment Class if an opportunity arises.

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For more information:

- Call (02) 4271 2787

- Email (attn: Ellie Donovan, Deputy Principal - Instructional Leader)