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Year 8 - Communicable Diseases

With Mrs Glasgow

In my Year 8 Health we have a unit on 'Communicable Diseases'. With my classes I set a task for students to research 'Communicable Diseases and three specific diseases from a designated list. We used an ALARM (A Learning And Response Matrix) scaffold to organise their research information and then I introduced them to the website 'Weebly Education' which allows students to create their own website and blog with a variety of privacy settings appropriate for use in an educational setting.


This task was effective in teaching students research skills, increasing their knowledge and understanding of communicable diseases as well as developing their technology skills in webpage creation and design.


I have attached a link to three webpages created by Year 8 students at Figtree High School:


Brandon Redman:


Kayla Marras


Olivia Jacobs:


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